Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

is a good example that different philosophies can coexist in one country. The scene heats up every evening around Jalan P. Ramlee, there its the Beach Club and Thai Club Bistro on the other side of the road plus more clubs along the road, great nightclubs, a fusion of bar, disco, life music hall with plenty of bar girls.

This are the right places to have a good time and probably just what a traveler want when in the city and not only foreigners but locals guys are the majority, as naturally in all other bars too.The city has something to satisfy every taste as well as entertain with live music and show performances. Yes and they also have the ladyboys and other sexy things, just look at the pictures here. As you can see this is nothing Thailand specific

Beach Club KL

A tropical enchanting Oriental nightlife

with different hot spots such as Bangsar, Bukit Bintang, Chinatown and around Jalan P. Ramlee and other places, not as crazy and sex oriented as Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya but a lot of fun and exciting going on.

Enjoy drinks and dancing at lively places as shown below, there is magic in the air and an unforgettable night is all but guaranteed. In general it could be categorized into spots with ladies, disco etc. which is around the Beach Club area and other.A typical other destination is Chinatown or Bangsar  for a exotic dinner and some night market shopping at Petaling Street

Interestingly as the country is primary Islamic but has a rich and very creative life after sunset, not this boring and hypocritical stuff many Muslim countries offer. Here is not only one vibrant club, but there are no go-go bars or stripping and anything in this direction. Its more moderate and rather quiet, the exception are a few bars such as the Beach and Thai Bistro Club which are the epicenter at Jalan P RamleeThat could be one of the reasons why plenty of guys of northern Malaysia drive to Hat Yai and Sadao to have a good time with Thai ladies. Ladies around the night spots are often Philippine or Thai which finally wont matter unless the purpose is solved, since the dawn of mankind they bang around and this wont be stopped by any philosophy.

Nightlife KL

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Pictures

Nightlife KL at uptown, called “golden triangle”

that including Bukit Bintang, Jalan P Ramlee, downtown at China Town and the Klang Valleyalong the motorway to the old Subang airport, including Bangsar. If your hotel is at the Bukit Bintang area have a short walk or take the monorail.

There are more spots to have some fun after sunset around Jalan Ampang. Here you can see theKL map between Bukit Bintang and the Petronas Towers.

If you’re already in the uptown area –most of the big hotels are around there, have a walk, distances are not long, most interesting spots are around here. There is down town, where Chinatown, Central Market, government buildings and KL Sentral, the main railway station is.

Chinatown is great in the night with a large shopping and food court area around Petaling Street.

KL nightclubsBeach Club KL

Nightlife KL and Malaysia Girls.

Most night fun relevant places

are within walking distance from the big hotels and don’t be afraid even in the middle of the night, is usually no problem, it’s very safe. The only thing which will happen – if you are one or some guys – is, someone will approach you and offer you some nice girls, after it runs elsewhere in a small hotel.

The sexy ladies and ladyboys at beach club are also aggressive hookers. Some other perform a erotic, sometimes crazy show from time to time to have fun, it’s the right entertainment spot for an out time. Every evening there are plenty of positive thinking ladies around.

great Malaysian clubMalaysian night clubnightlife KL club

Thai Bistro Club is more “civilized” at least the naughty ones are not push-pulling all the time, there are some pretty among them, its worth to have a look. The basic difference is, if you look for a companion this two at Jalan P Ramlee venues are the right places. If you have other preferences try different spots as indicated in our website.Some venues are at Jalan Mayang, such as Citrus Rouge, El Nino and Bravo. Actually every month new spots come up and other disappear, this business can be a short one when not understanding the latest fashion.

Ladyboy Show at KLBeach ClubHot Nightlife Show

kl nightlife showgolden triangle

Also in the “golden triangle”


The advice is don’t visit Beach Club unless you want a “quickie” with a pretty Oriental Girl, take the other on the opposite side instead (just to mention it, we have no relation of any kind with both of them, this are pure facts.)


Show at Thai bistro

Beach Club KL

Beach Club KL

Jalan P Ramlee Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

Jalan P Ramlee at Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

Malaysia nightlife

Malaysia KL Bars at the Golden Triangle are plenty, that neighborhood is probably the most active at night, only somehow matched by Chinatown.

Here dozens of naughty girls

hang around and maybe are a right companion for something after the drinks, they are very positive minded, but be aware they are also pure materialistic, its not only Madonna screaming about the material girl.

Directly opposite is Thai Bistro also with show entertainment, its a beer station with life music, both bars charge entrance fee from Wednesday to Sunday, see the video it needs some adventure basic instincts.

For dining have a look at China Town, little India, Golden Triangle and Bangsar with plenty of restaurants.

Indian, Malaysian, Vietnamese and other cuisine choices are also available with great style and decoration at Bangsar .

Beside what it is shown here

you can dance the night away in one of the numerous discos spread all over the city. Also most of the big hotels have some kind of nightclubs, its a active scene. The problem in the big hotels is they have a dress code which doesn’t make sense.

Chinatown photos

This is also a interesting city during daytime,read more.

Malaysian Chinatown

During Halloween at Reggae Bar in Chinatown.Photos of KL


Changkat Bukit Bintang is one of the busiest spots after the sun goes down and the lights are turned on for more interesting stufftry BB Park a bit further down the road.Actually BB Park is also a nice place to eat something and have a few beers, the place has a good atmosphere with open air bars and restaurants.

This is very easy to find and explore since its just a few minutes walk from the Monorail Station. Just get off and make a right turn,there is a Maybank and now to the left, plenty of restaurants and bars are right on the road and at the first intersection to the left and right it gets exotic and interested, beyond the intersection are also plenty of hotel almost every 50 meters there is one.

Bukit Bintang

Bukit Bintang intersection


Asian Heritage Rowat Asian Heritage Row

Asian Heritage Row               Indian disco but quite empty

There is “Asian Heritage Row

just beside the Sheraton Hotel, actually the name of the road is Jalan Doraisamy, there are two discos, some bars, a club, maybe more and restaurants but not much going on, actually prices are even higher as at probably the best nightspots at Jalan Ramlee.

“Glassy” bring Indian rap and hip-hop. It looks like its more dedicated to restaurants and some clubs behind closed doors, read more.


kuala lumpur massage girls

“happy ending” massage

I leave it to your fantasy what that means. The shops are open day and night most ladies working in these shops are from China, Thailand, Philippines, some from Indonesia and even Cambodia.

They fulfill a ever growing demand not only from the tourist although most of this shops are at tourist spots.

Bukit Bintang is very popular with Arab tourists. But that’s not all even top notch hotels supply this services and other places throughout the city are at the bigger shopping malls.

One of the best trips is to Chinatown, have dinner there to extend it visit the “Reggae Bar”.

Malaysia Nightlife Dinner in Chinatown

Evening at KL Chinatown

Some massage shops offer their services but on a very small scale and there are no naughty massage shops. This statement is not absolute because looking at the sheer amount of massage girls there is probably some hidden “happy ending” stuff as in most SEA Countries.This doesn’t mean Kuala Lumpur is a dull place in terms of sexy activities, but its not visible, you have to search for. But there are 2 sure possibilities, first have a look around the Beach Club there are plenty of positive thinking girls or ask the taxi driver.

We cant tell this here, to sum it up if you have some money to burn there is no doubt that you get what you want, it’s mostly written at the top of this page.

The city has large groups of immigrants from India, China, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan plus plus, there are plenty of good looking, exotic and sexy girls around in the nightclubs, bars, lounges and discos. Its not as hot as southern Thailand nightlife, beside of the fact that Malaysia is a Islam oriented country they are very open minded in terms of the real present world.

Chinatown RestaurantChinatown fruitsellerNight Shopping

Night market shoppingNight market shoppingBar Nightclub


Travel to KLis easy and got more attractive after budget level flights have been introduced a few years ago. Have a look for travel deals, to find your right accommodation is easy just browse our website pages you can also book some great tours. Its really better to explore the city via a guided tour to get a first orientation.Also it is very difficult to find a reliable taxi who wont cheat you or even take you, the best is take the Monorail and the subway. For a tour take the Monorail and get off at Bukit Bintang, that’s the KL monorail station pictured below right.

This is a elevated train which runs on top of the main road at Bukit Bintang and extends into other roads, its the ideal vehicle for a tour. When traveling from Bukit Bintang to Chinatown the train opens the view over Pudu Prison, a frightening structure from colonial times, its closed now.

After Chinatown (Maharajalela station) the monorail ends a few kilometer later about 200 m before KL Sentral.  The monorail runs until midnight as the other light trains of the subway system do, which means for most trips its probably ok.

A easy routing is after you get off at Bukit Bintang have a walk along the monorail structure. There are several bars, restaurants and hotels left and right, walk down until Jalan Ramlee and turn right, after about 50m is the Beach Club to the left and other spots.

Travel to KLKL monorail

Travel to KLmonorail


Malaysia at Night can be real great

beach club

Beach club at Jalan P RamleeHot wired at beach clubDinner show at the tourist center

hot wired at beach club

Hot wired at beach club

Ladyboy show at beach club

Thai bistro club

dinner at chinatown

fruit seller


shopping, that’s where the “virtual shopping music plays”. Walking through Petaling street feels like to move to a Thailand night market at Patpong or Chatuchak.Its not only shopping, its the right place to have some beers and have a spicy and low priced but very tasty dinner via the Malaysian Mamak way -see the pics above- means road-side stalls offer all kind of food, also beer or wine, any alcoholic drinks are available anywhere without any problems, its unlike other Muslim countries.When going shopping at a night market there is also Chinese, Malaysian and Indian food available. As you can see, during your vacation no need to starve and if you are a single traveler, no problem. If you like this atmosphere, just move into one of the hotels along Petaling street read more here