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Kl Nightlife & Hotels at Golden Triangle


When booking KL hotels it might make some sense to have a look around the environ and check what is in near distance at night to avoid traveling around a lot which is no pleasure after the darkness moves in.

Probably the best area considering this, after Chinatown is KL golden triangle with plenty of trendy nightlife spots located near hotels.

Around the Sheraton Hotel

are a couple of those bars with active nightlife, that is the Asian Heritage Road and there is CoChine Restaurant & Bar SaVanh, also a bit off the golden triangle center which is are Bukit Bintang but not far away, on top of it the monorail runs along the golden triangle which makes moving around easy. There is tasty Vietnamese, Laotian, and Cambodian cuisine, plus plenty of wine and beer add on’s.

At Jalan Bukit Bintang is the Pulse Ultra Club in the Grand Millennium Hotel, music comes from DJ and alternative a band a wide balcony gives a great view over Bintang Walk.

7ateNine at the Ascott Hotel Kuala Lumpur at Jalan Pinang has a good reputation and won several awards to nightlife and restaurant related subjects, a nice place to start nightlife and also to chill out.

Zouk is a popular nightclub packed with people almost every night, the dance hall is one of the biggest in the city and four different areas are dedicated to various music genre, Zouk boasts of one of the biggest dance halls in the city, it’s just across Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur again at the golden triangle along Jalan Ampang.

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