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KL Bars - KL what to do at night


Came into KL today, what to do tonight?

Darkness came and the lights went on, nothing much to do, so have a look for a bar, starting at the hotel lobby which is a pleasant place with some life music, waiters and waitresses in uniform, its rather quiet, the cocktail is pink and the blossom of the dendrobium orchid is fixed to the glass, nice pics.

There are some other bars around, such as the nightclub bars with two ladies hanging around, looks too quiet. I thought let’s wait until around 9pm and walk down to Jalan P Ramlee that’s the hot stuff nightlife in Kuala Lumpur.

The night is still young and lets have some fun, it won’t trickle in, it needs to walk and search, since most of the big hotels are in the KL “Golden Triangle” dozens of nightlife venues are within walking distance, aside of the hotel bars.

Bukit Bintang

is a good start, if someone is to lazy to walk take the Monorail, this vehicle runs right through the center of the “Golden Triangle”. The most interesting part of Bukit Bintang is Changkat Bukit Bintang, a vibrant area with street music, clubs and bars. There is also plenty of shopping and dining since several of the biggest malls in Kuala Lumpur are in this area.

There are popular hangouts and plenty of Arab people but they seldom visit the bars and drink the good stuff, this is a relaxing nightspot and a busy night scene. Now it is time to move to Jalan P Ramlee, just taking the Monorail for 2 stations and walk 10 minutes there are the 2 hottest bars in the city, one is

Beach Club, the other Thai Bistro Club,

aside of the name they are crossover nightclubs, disco, live music, DJ and girls girls, that’s probably the best of KL Beach Club. Hardly walking in already stumbling into three Oriental Ladies and there are more, much more. The beach club is on one side of the road, the Thai Bistro on the other. Sound wobbles over the 4 lane street, its very busy since there is also an intersection.

This are beer fill up stations and hangouts to chase the girls, there are plenty and they come close, make eye contact and are quite willing to play some naught games. At Beach Club they sell a small bottle of beer for around ten US dollars,  that’s not cheap compared to other places in the region such as Phuket Nightlife, but its somehow worth it, take enough cash with since it will be turned into pleasure quickly. If cash is needed there is a

KL Beach Club is the hottest stuff in town only far to much aggressive prostitutes

Eastern Beauties Thai Bistro, opposite Beach Club.

ATM machine in a bank building, only about 3 minutes walk.

Dozens of eastern beauties

try to get you around to have some horizontal fun elsewhere, pretty girls who do what you want, they expect a present, that’s natural, no problem.

Other hot spots are Bangsar with a couple of very nicely decorated bars and restaurants, if you don’t have a car no use to move there, its difficult to go there and even more difficult to come back since no taxis and if you find one they try to cheat. This is at many places in Asia just the same but KL and Manila are the worst in terms of taxis.

Another place is “Asia Heritage Road” a rather quiet street with restaurants and bars on both sides, its also in the “Golden Triangle” area

but a bit further up. A good alternative would be to take the Monorail to Chinatown sit down at the food courts, drink some beer, have some fun by watching the crowd at Petaling Street the biggest night market in town, its almost like Patpong in Bangkok without the go go bars.

There is a attractive bar

just around the corner, that’s the Reggae Bar, in general I good idea could be to take a hotel in KL Chinatown since prices are much lower that in the “Golden Triangle”, rooms are also smaller but all other stuff needed is there. The Chinatown street market is real interesting, a modern Oriental Bazaar, this is one of the spots to go when you want to smell local flavor. Another top shopping plaza is nearby, that's Central Market.

KL Chinatown is probably one of the 3 best evening destinations in the city.
KL Beach Club Lady
Ladies at Beach Club what they wait for?
KL Bars Beach Club Show
Beach Club show interaction
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