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Bars & Clubs

has a wide spectrum, there are folklore shows, nightclub show, culture shows if a bit of an action is needed. A great entertainment could also be just to sit down at some places such as Bukit Bintang, KL Chinatown, Bangsar and watch the people this is sometimes real good entertainment even it is without interaction to others, which is not necessary in this cases anyway.

When interaction is required with pretty Malaysian girls around, which usually only look like Malaysian girls but are from elsewhere there is one destination and this is a hot one, not only from the tropical heat but with the ladies around. Probably the right stuff for a tired traveler who try get moving again and at the Beach Club KL and the Thai Bistro at the other side of Jalan P Ramlee they get you moving, trust me

There are great bands banging out like music, sometime a DJ and the mix of people plus especially the nightlife ladies will turn every tired guy on. There are also nightclub shows performed by ladyboys, but not only, its fun and exciting. With some sexy splashes. This are real beer fill up station with hot music charging entrance fee from Wednesday to Sunday. There is hip-hop, rock and R&B partly from the disc and live music various bands in between, non-stop dancing is the result with an exotic mix. This places are the right evening entertainment, just hanging around in one of the hotel or neighborhood

Kuala Lumpur Night Clubs
NIght clubs show

bars, normal Clubs Kuala Lumpur or beer bars could be rather boring. This places are also secrets of the nightlife scene in the city everyone know them, and from most hotels in the “golden triangle” its within walking distance, if you are further off, take the monorail, the station is very close.

This is contemporary Kuala Lumpur Entertainment show dedicated to what the people want, it’s just as simple

Get some beers or cocktails

and enjoy a ladyboy show at the Beach Club or just watch the exotic girls who hang around. This are real lively nightspots and guarantee a great evening with fun, joy and pleasure.

Kuala Lumpur Entertainment
Kuala Lumpur Entertainment
Clubs Kuala Lumpur
Clubs Kuala Lumpur Cabaret

You probably heard it " Malaysia truly Asia ", yes its true and there is more in the tropical heat, see them standing here> that's in the Thai Bistro.

nigthclub girls
Nightclub girls

Restaurants, bars and nightclubs at Bangsar

One of the best evening entertainment is to dine out with style in a pleasant environment. KL is a vibrant city with different styles of food, restaurants and entertainment. This Asia metropolis is home of lots of different Asian peoples, such as Chinese, Indians, Japanese plus plus. The island world towards Indonesia was always a melting and trading point since hundreds of years. Today this is an exotic, amazing tourist destination and most people want to do something in the evening, who wants to hang in front of the TV (TV is state controlled in Malaysia) and get bored. Now have a look at KL Bangsar.

Naturally the guys want some fun

in the night and this is exactly what KL nightlife is delivering at certain bars, lounges, nightclubs and restaurants. For this get to Bangsar, there are plenty of bars and excellent restaurants serving the goodies for your stomach. The only problem is how to come to Bangsar and how to leave unless you have a car.

They have several stylish bars and restaurants there with an elegantly environ just serving the mouthwatering exotic dishes for the ultimate dining pleasure. If you eat something local ask if it’s hot from chili, if they tell yes tell what you like, because sometimes they bang too much if this spices into it and this will burn the whole night through, that’s everything else but a pleasure.                 

Bangsar Nightclub
Bangsar Nightclub
Bangsar Restaurant
Bangsar Indian Restaurant
Bangsar Restaurant
Bangsar Restaurant

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