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Photos of Kuala Lumpur or KL Pics


Photos of Malaysia

and KL. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur pictures show a exotic colorful country with an Islamic touch. Since British colonial times the country is a "melting pot" of different Asia people such as Malay, Indian, Pakistan, Arab, Chinese and some Europeans.

Our photos will visualize this to give an idea about contemporary Malaysia. A picture of Malaysia tells more than a lot of words and Kuala Lumpur photography is the best to start with to give you an idea before your Kuala Lumpur trip.

Kuala Lumpur is a city where the marketing slogan “Malaysia, really Asia” works, a busy city with plenty of exotic motives for great Malaysia Kuala Lumpur pictures. If an more modern environ is requested, ok, no problem, take the or train or the bus to Putrajaya, the bus leaves at KL Chinatown, (the train costs several times the fare of the

bus and is not much faster). Kuala Lumpur is also the financial and economic hub of the country, second is Penang, this are also the two main tourist destination. At KL take the monorail or underground whenever possible since the notorious Kuala Lumpur “gridlock” traffic pattern is not nice at all.

KL has a wide range of hotels, these vary from 5 star accommodations to budget hotels. When visiting the city don’t forget to visit the new capital Putrajaya, its worth it and a great place for a picture of Malaysia and more. The city has many air conditioned malls and other shopping centers such as the Central Market which is a paradise for any exotic shopping lover including great boutiques, jewelry stores, cloth shops, restaurants, antiques, Buddha statues and other shopping items, a famous "hunting ground" for Kuala Lumpur photos.

The pictures include the vicinity of the capital of Malaysia

including the Kuala Lumpur Airport plus some klcc pictures. The strange thing at klcc is there is a hotel from Air Asia they call tunehotels but when I went there and ask how much will I pay for the room, they ladies at the reception didn't answer, so how to book a hotel when they don't tell you the room rate ? The other story is, Air Asia offer a bus booking on their website from klcc to Kl sentral, which is about 3 times the usual rate but when trying to enter the bus it comes out that the bus people have no computer to retrieve the booking so they denied and told to buy a new ticket with them only after I went to the Airport Police and the police went with me they started to cooperative, all in all, Air Asia is a company which tries to play business but don't know how to do this.

Probably the best low cost carrier in south east Asia is Tiger Airways from Singapore, they operate out of Changi Airport, are on time and have the lowest prices, they also operate out of klcc.

Better use Kuala Lumpur Airport, they might be a bit more expensive but at least there are some professionals working. Actually klcc compared to Kuala Lumpur Airport is like a first world airport compared to a third world airport, main operator is Air Asia. Actually prices from Malaysian Airlines are almost similar to Air Asia, The main reason why people use them is not because they are "cheap", they are not! but they have

klcc pictures
klcc pictures stands for low cost such airline
klcc pictures
such as Air Asia and Tiger Aitways

more flight on a given route and the people believe their marketing, most marketing is not true. Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur offers plenty of more options for transportation within the city and within the country, bus travel is a good alternative to travel to any place in west Malaysia as you can see at the photos here. Naturally traveling to east Malaysia needs the aircraft or the ship but ships are to slow so there is no alternative.

Anyway have a look at our Malaysia Kuala Lumpur pictures they tell more. Kuala Lumpur is a "multiculti" city with a great exotic flair, even the rapid modernization cant wipe that out. Have a look at our Putrajaya pics, they tell more in this.

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Pictures
Kuala Lumpur Airport Pictures
Kuala Lumpur Airport
Airport arrival
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Chinese Taoist Temple
Petaling street flower
Petaling street flower
Petaling street Kuala Lumpur
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Petaling Street old Chinese style house
Old Chinese style shop house
Petaling Street
Petaling Street

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